Keltské šachy z Ukrajiny

It sounds a bit like a fairy tale.
In 2022, I was taking humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the suburbs of Kharkiv, a little beyond the front line, and I met an old man, later my very close friend, there who refused to evacuate and was hiding in the basement of an apartment building. In one of the cellar bunks he found linden and walnut branches, apparently intended for heating. To keep her from going crazy, he started carving this chess set. He still had about 12 pawns left to complete. He gave it to me the next time he visited.

I highly recommend you pour lead or gutter solder into the plinths of the individual figures. It will fundamentally strengthen the stability of the figure.

Good day, i really appreciate you for this idea, we will try to apply it for the following sets.

I like the way you've refined them, very unconventional looking,
I think this glossy sheen on the figures makes for more interesting tones.
I am very pleased that my chessboards are now in very safe hands! And they will be further improved.
I'm very happy about that!